Quotation Settings

On this page you will find the script for the video tutorial that guides you through the Mauritius Yellow Pages Quotation Settings for setting up your quotation template. You can view the video tutorial in the quotation settings section of your dashboard, or on our YouTube channel. To find out more about the Quotation function and our new YellowMarket concept, click here.

Welcome to the Mauritius Yellow Pages’ Tutorial for “MYP Quotation Settings”

As you may be aware, MYP aims to support local online commerce. As such we have added a quotation function as an extension to our Advanced Search option, that both Yellow Pages Members and Businesses can benefit from.

To access the Quotation Settings section from your dashboard menu you must be subscribed to a Classic+ Business Page or higher.

Quotation Settings help you to set up a template for your quotations, defining the appearance and information provided in a quotation and the quotation and order process. It is simple to setup your quotation template and conditions, however, some aspects are very important, such as communicating your Terms and Conditions.

Note that some details provided by you within the Business Details section of your Business Page account are automatically added to your quotation template, as some are related to the regulations when trading in Mauritius for example, your BRN - Business Registration Number, you VAT - Value Added Tax number where applicable, and quotation numbering.

There are two parts to the quotation settings:

On and Off settings

Graphics General Settings:

  • Your logo is fetched from your Business Page and inserted in the header of quotation,
  • If you turn this option Off, then only text will display if no external option is set
  • Apply Colour Layout;
    • If Off, only normal black and white is applied 
    • If On, the Yellow Pages colour theme is applied (Yellow, Black and Grey).

In the future we will have different templates and colour themes available.

Quotation Details Settings:

  • Apply trade name, if on, will overwrite the company name
  • Map link, if on will provide a map link of your location - so please also ensure that you have entered your map coordinates in the location section of your business dashboard
  • Enable upload Invoice:
    • If On, you will be able to upload an invoice once clients have accepted your quotation.
    • if Off, an invoice should be provided at the point of pick-up or at the time of delivery
  • Enable Delivery terms:
    • If On, two additional fields will be activated in the template:
      • Delivery time frame: meaning the Number of days
      • Delivery method: provides a text field for you to enter information
  • Enable Payment terms;
    • If On, two additional option fields will be activated in the template;
      • Payment Terms: if full payment is required you enter 100% in this field, if only a part payment is required, you enter the percentage required
      • Plus a payment text field for basic instructions
    • If Off no down payment or advanced payment is required
    • The modes of payment accepted are fetched from your business page


You are always able to change the settings at any time.

Info and Details setting;

  • Template name: this is where you give your template a descriptive name, as in the future we plan to provide multiple template options;
  • Company Introduction: this should be seen as a way for the company to promote itself further and greet the customer before addressing the quotation;
  • Sales Person’s name: this helps to personalise the quotation and establishes a contact person who is responsible for sales;
  • Call to action text: this is important as it forms part of the closing the sales process, while enabling the business to further customise the quotation’s look and feel.
  • For “Conditions” you have three options:
    • Add an online link to your conditions if they are on your website, OR
    • Copy and paste your conditions into the text field, OR
    • Tick the box to use the template’s default conditions
      • Note that when you tick to use the default conditions, you are also accepting the MYP’s conditions of usage and MYP cannot be held liable for the Seller’s usage of the default conditions.
    • If you have Payment and Delivery terms settings ON; then within the info and details settings, you can enter the percentage of down payment and days of delivery.

While you are working on the template settings, we highly recommend you use the preview template function, as this will help you to see what your customer will receive.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE that you need to ensure that you have set up your business content well, for example - your Catalogue. This is where you should enter your primary products and/or services and ensure that titles are searchable. Here you might want to refer to the tooltips and the video tutorial “Catalogue Section And Function”.

Brands Carried. It is just as important that you have your brands carried list set up and make sure that they are correctly spelled. And both Brands and your Catalogue will also help to increase your presence in search results that again will lead to more quotation requests.

You must also ensure that you enter the map coordinates for your business in the location section of your dashboard to ensure that it appears in the advanced search results.

We highly recommend that you view the tutorial for “Quotation Generator” so that you can maximise the usage of the quotation function.

Now that you know how easy it is to set up your quotation template, you can start exploring the other features that are available to Yellow Pages businesses. These features are not just related to quotations but also special offer coupons, company videos or job vacancies to mention just a few.

We will introduce more as we develop the Mauritius Yellow Pages further. 

Thank you for viewing this tutorial for “Quotation Settings” on Mauritius Yellow Pages.