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On this page you will find the script for the video tutorial that guides you through the usage of YellowMail. You can view the video tutorial when you sign into your account and access the YellowMail section of your dashboard, or on our YouTube channel. YellowMail is just one of the great benefits of being a member of the Yellow Pages, you can now also send quotation requests to businesses for products or services, find out more here!

Welcome to the Mauritius Yellow Pages’ Tutorial for “YellowMail and Support - Members”

When you are logged in as a member, you will be able to access YellowMail directly from the Homepage or from your account dashboard.

At the top of the homepage you will note that “My Account”, “YellowMail” and the “Log Out” buttons are displayed. Clicking on the YellowMail button brings you directly to your YellowMail inbox, whereas “My Account” brings you to the member dashboard.

While searching on Yellow Pages you will note that both businesses listed in the search results and individual business pages have some function icons. One of these icons represents YellowMail and by clicking on the icon you are able to contact the business quickly and easily i.e.

  1. Click on the YellowMail icon and a message box opens,
  2. Type a subject,
  3. Type in your message,
  4. You have the option to tick “Hide identity”;
    1. which is beneficial for the first contact, and
    2. prevents spamming, and
    3. you can disclose at any time by un-ticking “Hide identity”,
  5. Click Send

YellowMail has a great synergy with the Yellow Pages advanced search option.

A record of your communication is found within the YellowMail section of your account. When you receive YellowMail it will be indicated on your dashboard, in the menu bar and on the YellowMail button at the top of the homepage. You will also receive a notification email “You’ve Got YellowMail” to the email address provided during your registration.

From your YellowMail inbox you will have a record of the latest communication. While any communication older than three months will be found in the archive section.

Another function within the YellowMail section is our support function, from where you can request assistance that generates a ticket. When you receive a reply from the Support team the same button turns blue.

Now that you know the benefits of YellowMail, you can start exploring the other features that are ONLY available to Yellow Pages members.

These features are not just related to YellowMail and the Yellow Pages Advanced Search but also special offers, submitting business reviews and applying to job vacancies to mention just a few. We will introduce more as we develop the Mauritius Yellow Pages further.

Thank you for viewing this tutorial for “YellowMail” on Mauritius Yellow Pages.