Member Dashboard

On this page you will find the script for the video tutorial that guides you through the usage of your Member Dashboard. You can view the video tutorial when you sign into your account, or on our YouTube channel. Read our article about the New Look Mauritius Yellow Pages to find out more about the portal’s features and functions that benefit members.

Welcome to the Mauritius Yellow Pages’ Tutorial for “Member Dashboard”

Our Yellow Pages is a multi-language platform with English and French. This means you can select a different language at any time by clicking on the language flag.

As this is the English tutorial, we will proceed in English. We are now on the homepage and we will click on the ‘Sign In” button at the top of the page.

You will note that there is a “Forgot Password” option.

As you can see when signing in you stay on the homepage, but the top bar has changed to display “My Account” and the YellowMail and Quotations buttons. Clicking on the YellowMail or Quotations buttons brings you directly to those sections, whereas “My Account” brings you to your dashboard. Note that when you receive YellowMail or responses to your Quotation requests you will receive an email to notify you.

On your dashboard you will find there are two videos; one in English and one in French. These are tutorials for “Member Dashboard”, which you are viewing right now.

Below you have a welcome message and further below we have an announcements section where we post updates, events or special offers for our members.

You will also find tooltips on the right side, and on the left side, a menu bar that consists of YellowMail, User Details, Quotations and Preferences. Within each menu section, you will also have a video tutorial and tooltips to assist you. Within the quotation section of your dashboard there will be a record of any quotation requests you have made, their status and any communication with the respective businesses that have responded to your requests. You will be notified by email when a business submits a quotation. For more guidance on how to request a quotation, see the video tutorial “MYP Quotation Requests”.

Yellow Pages have developed its local business search for consumers and we have also created a video tutorial for our advanced search feature to help you get the most out of this function.

It is important to note that this and other features are ONLY available to Yellow Pages members.

These features are not just related to business search but also special offers, submitting business reviews and applying to job vacancies to mention just a few. We will introduce more as we develop the Mauritius Yellow Pages further.

Thank you for viewing this tutorial for “Member Dashboard” on the Mauritius Yellow Pages.