Business Dashboard

On this page you will find the script for the video tutorial that guides you through the usage of your Business Dashboard. You can view the video tutorial when you sign into your account, or on our YouTube channel. Read our article about the New Look Mauritius Yellow Pages to find out more about how your business can benefit from your business page in the YP directory.

Welcome to the Mauritius Yellow Pages’ Tutorial for “Business Dashboard”

Our Yellow Pages is a multi-language platform with English and French. This means you can select a different language at any time by clicking on the language flag in the top right corner.

As this is the English tutorial, we will proceed in English. We are on the homepage and we will click on the ‘Sign In” button at the top of the page.

You will note that there is a “Forgot Password” option.

As you can see when signing in you stay on the homepage, but the top bar has changed to display “My Account” and the “YellowMail” and “Quotations” buttons. Clicking on the “YellowMail” or “Quotations” buttons brings you directly to those sections, whereas “My Account” brings you to the “business dashboard”. Note that when you receive YellowMail or Quotation requests you will receive an email to notify you.

On your dashboard you will find there are two videos; one in English and one in French. These are tutorials for “Business Dashboard”, which you are viewing right now.

Below you have utilisation bars, a welcome message and further below we have an announcements section where we post updates, events or special offers for businesses listed on Yellow Pages.

You will also find tooltips on the right side, and on the left side, a menu bar, and within each menu section, you will also have a video tutorial and tooltips to assist you.

YellowMail also features a Support function, and we explain all the benefits in a video tutorial within the YellowMail section.

User Details (Administrator) and Business Details holds data that you provided during the setup process. You can access these sections if you need to update them. To change your password you access User Details. If you wish to add a second user to your account you can also do this through the Second User section. The  second user should be someone with access to the business email address you added in step 2 of the registration process as it is this email that is used by default. In the user details section you can enter their name and a password that they can use to access the business account. 

The second user will have access to content and sales sections of the business dashboard, including Business Content, Business Media, Opening Hours, Payment Types accepted, Social Networks, Catalogue, Brands, Coupons, Quotations and YellowMail. This means that should you not have time to upload or create all the content required to complete your business page, the second user will be able to do so. The second user will not have access to any critical data or settings and therefore cannot access the User Details, Preferences, Job Vacancies, Billing, Add-ons and Services, or Quotation Settings sections. 

Other sections like Preferences, relates to language options, communication and information services from Mauritius Yellow Pages, and Billing, relates to records of payment, renewal and upgrade of services.

If you have subscribed to a Classic+ Business Page or higher you will have access to the Quotations and Quotation Settings sections. The Quotations section contains a record of any quotation requests you have made of other businesses or received from members or other businesses, your second user also has access to this section. The Quotation Settings section towards the end of the list is where you set up your template that will be used when you generate quotations, and only you, the account administrator can access this section. View the video tutorials for “MYP Quotation Generator” and “MYP Quotation Settings” for more information on these sections.

All the other menu sections relate to business content, features and tools. You can access each section, however, only fields or functions that are part of the business page plan that you have selected are activated.

The utilisation bars helps businesses to maximise the usage of their business page plan.

Yellow Pages are mostly considered to be a business search tool for consumers. However, our objective is to support the local business community by creating a local online marketplace, and our advanced search option facilitates this. Businesses can also use the advanced search feature for business to business (referred to as B2B) searches, and in the forthcoming updates the Yellow Pages plans to introduce additional B2B functions.

For any business to benefit from the Yellow Pages Advanced Search option; they need to enter their services in the Catalogue section and their related brands in the Brands section. However, this requires that the business has subscribed to the Premium Page Plan.

You are always welcome to contact the yellow pages’ sales department for assistance.

We encourage you to take full advantage of your business page and are here to assist in any way we can. You can always contact us through Support (by accessing the YellowMail section) or the Customer Service Centre.

Thank you for viewing this tutorial for “Business Dashboard” on Mauritius Yellow Pages.